Public Drop-in, Pavilion Barton recreation Ground Wednesday 19th August 2020 10:00 ma to 4:00pm.

Please look through the Powerpoint presentation and provide your feedback. The Parish Council applications will be based on this. Fill in the feedback sheet on the last slide and send this to the clerk (email or post or bring along to the Pavilion). Feedback sheets will also be available at the Pavilion.

Working Groups are sub-divisions of Barton Parish Council. Their purpose is to discuss, explore ideas and concerns, and then report back to the full Council with recommendations. They have no decision-making powers, but simply present the Council with their findings. The Working Groups meet between full Council meetings and each group has a lead Councillor. There may on occasion be the need to invite experts to further understanding, as well as invite representatives to give more perspective to a particular concern.

The Traffic, Transport and Travel Working Group acts upon issues surrounding roads, traffic speed, pavements and public transport reporting to Barton Parish Council on progress made. Its aim is to engage with the community and identify all relevant road and pavement issues before recommending how they might best be taken forward and resolved with Cambridgeshire County Council and the relevant Highway Authorities. Monitoring traffic is a key element with schemes like Community Speedwatch and Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS).

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