There are several beautiful walks in and around Barton; along the drift and over the fields by the firing range; across Cambridge Road, through the bridleway to Grantchester; by The Green Barn down to Bourn Brook; and through Trumpington Estates to Tit Brook. We are lucky really to have such walks to enjoy. But there are more to discover nearer to home and also not so far away.

Perhaps a good place to start is in the village centre by the pond. There you will find a map of Barton Footpaths illustrated by the WI. This not only shows routes to the drift and Grantchester but also the permissive paths down to Bourn Brook. Barton’s famous buildings and landmarks pepper the scene.

Burwash Manor is a family-run, working, organic farm with about 400 acre of mixed arable and livestock. As part of the family ethos, educational visits and walks are encouraged.

Signposted are the Running Fox Walks. Starting in the farm yard, follow the signs around the fields on both sides of New Road. You will find information on wildlife along the route.