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26th Jan, 2023Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting Download
10th Jan, 2023Parish Council Meeting January 2023
Pavilion Recreation Ground
 Agenda January 2023 Download County Council Re[ort December 2022
1st Nov, 2022Parish Council Meeting November 2022 Agenda November 2022 Draft Minutes November 2022 District Council Report
6th Sep, 2022Parish Council Meeting September 2022 DraftAgendaSept22BPCMeeting DraftSept22-23BPCMinutes District Council Report
15th Aug, 2022Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council Agenda EM 15 th August 2022 Draft EM Minutes 15th August 2022
5th Jul, 2022Parish Council Meetings July 2022 Agenda July 2022 Draft Minutes July 2022 DistrictCouncillorsReportJuly2022
17th May, 2022Parish Council Meeting May 2022 Agenda May 2022 Draft Minutes May 2022 Download
26th Apr, 2022Annual Parish Meeting Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2022 APM 2022 Chair Report
 APM 2022 Clerk Report
 APM 2022 RFO Report
 APM 2022 Traffic Report
 APM 2022 Summary Payments and Receipts
 APM 2022 Returns

Annual Report