Barton Parish Council Planning Process
Barton Parish Council (BPC) are consulted by Greater Cambridge Planning on all planning applications that impact our village (on behalf of South Cambridgeshire District Council). Any views expressed by BPC  will be taken into account by SCDC planning before a decision is made. Our Councillors look at all Barton applications, some of which may need a site visit. BPC may also call a Public Meeting to discuss any significant issues or causes for concern.

Planning applications are examined against a set criteria, and BPC can only comment on what are known as material considerations (see examples below table). These comments have to be discussed and approved at public meetings such as the regular BPC meetings. The final decision is made by the Planning Authority not the Parish Council, in our case Greater Cambridge Planning on behlaf of South Cambridgeshire District Council.

If anyone wants to see copies of applications, please contact our Clerk.

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NoLocationDescriptionCouncil Response
21/1385/TTCA5 Comberton Road Barton CB23 7BAT1 - Young Prunus 'Kanzan' crown reduce to clear thatch by 60cm and reduce height by 1.5m to control size T2 - Cherry Plum at No 7 Comberton Road Crown reduce one side growing ove thatch by 2-3m to reduce shading over thatch surface
21/04427/FUL1 School Lane Barton CB23 7BDFormation of a domestic kitchen within the first floor accommodation, installation of a fire escape from the first floor and the installtion of 1 No. rooflight and kitchen extract with tile cover.
21/04428/LBC1 School Lane Barton CB23 7BDFormation of a domestic kitchen within the first floor accommodation, installation of a fire escape from the first floor and the installtion of 1 No. rooflight and kitchen extract with tile cover.
21/04494/FULLand North Of 17 Comberton Road Barton Cambridge CambridgeshireCreation of a one bedroom dwellinghouse together with new vehicular access.
21/04358/HFUL255 Wimpole Road Barton CB23 7AEErection of detached single storey garage and annex ancillary to main dwellingApproved
20/02454/CONDBThe Lodge Barton Woodland Burial Ground Comberton Road BartonSubmission of details required by condition 3 (Habitat and Management Plan) of planning permission 20/02454/FUL
21/04089/HFUL19 High Street Barton CB23 7BGTwo storey side extension, part two storey and part single storey rear extension and new porch to frontWithdrawn
21/03979/HFUL22 Roman Hill Barton CB23 7AXSingle storey front and rear extensions and two storey side extension with internal remodelling. ( Resubmission of 20/04207/HFUL)Approved
21/1140/TTCA69 Wimpole Road Barton CB23 7ABT1 Spruce tree and T2 Ash tree - Both to Fell - to combat subsidence damage to 67 Wimpole Road, Barton, Cambridge, CB23 7ABApproved
21/03843/HFUL255 Wimpole Road Barton CB23 7AEErection of detached single storey garage and annex ancillary to main dwelling
21/03587/FULBurwash Manor Farm School Lane Barton CB23 7BDRetention of existing two pieces of play equipment and introduction of an acoustic fence along the southern boundary
21/03611/HFUL75 Wimpole Road Barton CB23 7ABFirst floor side and rear extension with front dormers, rear balcony and alterations to existing roof style. Erection of replacement garage/studio/office.Approved
20/04804/FUL28 Wimpole Road Barton CB23 7ABChange of use of ground floor and part of external area from residential (Class C3) to recreational (Class E(d)).
21/03368/HFUL98 Cambridge Road Barton CB23 7ARSingle storey rear extensionApproved
21/03229/HFUL25 New Road Barton Cambridge CambridgeshireErection of bike store in front gardenApproved
21/02805/HFUL96 Cambridge Road Barton CB23 7ARSingle storey rear extension
21/02524/FULBurwash Manor School Lane Barton Cambridge Applicant: MichaelDemolition of existing agricultural buildings, conversion of existing barn to accommodate retail (E(a)) and a hydrotherapy unit (F2(d)), erection of offices (E(g)(i)), educational facility (F1), relocation of existing static caravans and the replacement of one static caravan with a site manager's dwelling (C3)
21/02433/HFUL2 Hines Close Barton CB23 7BBSide extension and replacement outbuildings to rear
21/01286/HFUL29 Wimpole Road Barton CB23 7ABPorch to front of property and remove existing front door.
21/01135/HFUL51 Wimpole Road Barton Cambridge CambridgeshireTwo storey side and rear extension following demolition of dilapidated ground floor extension, installation of entrance to side and front timber windows and door, removal of existing rear metal windows and installation of rear aluminium windows and doorsApproved
21/01778/FULFoxcotte Farm Comberton Road Barton CB23 7BAErection of an Agricultural barn.
21/01372/S7361 Kings Grove Barton CB23 7AZVariation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission 20/02458/HFUL (New porch, two storey side and single storey rear extensions) to enlarge the two storey side extension and material change to slate roof on single storey rear extensionApproved
21/01773/SCRELand East Of Lords Bridge Cambridge Road HarltonScreening opinion for a proposed solar farm development
20/04790/LBCBurwash Manor New Road Barton CambridgePart Demolition/Rebuild and Part Conversion of Existing Barns to Accommodate Holiday Let Units
21/0049/TTCA1 High Street Barton CB23 7BGG1, young white-stemmed Birch pair, incremental tip end reduction of lowest branches to raise crowns over driveway G2, Yew - remove lowest branches which are conflicting with tops of surrounding Hollies G2, Lime - crown raise to approx 5m over driveway T3, Silver Birch - remove and replace with fan trained fruit trees against boundary wall T4, Yew, reduce lowest branch which is currently only 1.5m over pathwayApproved
20/2447/TTCA9 Comberton Road Barton CB23 7BAT1 COPPER BEECH WITH SEVERE BASAL DECAY ~ remove; T2 TWIN STEMMED ROBINIA ~ remove to enhance development of adjacent superior Yew specimen and replace with 2 new treesApproved
20/2417/TTCABarton House 28 Wimpole Road Barton CambridgeT1 Horse Chestnut ~ Cut back to kerb and lift remaining branches to 5.0 metres. Greater Cambridge Shared Planning: a strategic partnership between Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Councils T61 Beech ~ Prune to clear building by 1.5 metres. T129 Pussy Willow ~ Reduce over-extended limbs by 50% to alleviate end weight.
21/0021/TTCA18 High Street Barton CB23 7BG1. Pear fell and nominally grind stump 2. Apple - reduce mistletoe by 75% 3. Bulus - reduce height by 3m 4. Plum on left of bed with ferns (6m from Beech) - remove hanging branches, epicormic growth and reduce height by 3.5m 5. Cherry - remove ivy 6. Ivy on white section of wall by gateway - remove stems protruding from clematisApproved
20/02454/CONDAThe Lodge Barton Woodland Burial Ground Comberton Road BartonSubmission of details required by condition 3 (Habitat Establishment and Management Plan) of planning permission 20/02454/FUL

Examples of material considerations

The Development Plan and any review of the Development Plan which is underway.

  • Adopted supplementary guidance – for example, village design statements, conservation area appraisals, car parking standards.
  • Replies from statutory and non-statutory agencies (e.g. Environment Agency, Highways Authority).
  • Representations from others – neighbours, amenity groups and other interested parties so long as they relate to land use matters.
  • Effects on an area – this includes the character of an area, availability of infrastructure, density, over-development, layout, position, design and external appearance of buildings and landscaping
  • The need to safeguard valuable resources such as good farmland or mineral reserves.
  • Highway safety issues – such as traffic generation, road capacity, means of access, visibility, car parking and effects on pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Public services – such as drainage and water supply
  • Public proposals for using the same land
  • Effects on individual buildings – such as overlooking, loss of light, overshadowing, visual intrusion, noise, disturbance and smell.
  • Effects on a specially designated area or building – such as green belt, conservation areas, listed buildings, ancient monuments and areas of special scientific interest.
  • Effects on existing tree cover and hedgerows.
  • Nature conservation interests – such as protection of badgers, great crested newts etc.
  • Public rights of way
  • Flooding or pollution.
  • Planning history of the site – including existing permissions and appeal deciThe sions.
  • A desire to retain or promote certain uses – such as playing fields, village shops and pubs.
  • Need for the development – such as a petrol station
  • Prevention of crime and disorder
  • Presence of a hazardous substance directly associated with a development
  • Human Rights Act