There is a group of 22 houses on Wimpole Road on a stretch of road that is roughly 400 m long in a 50 mph section. There are houses on both sides of the road with a poorly maintained pavement on one side only. A group of 20 houses in a 500 m stretch could be 40 mph. There have been at least two very bad accidents on this stretch in the last few years.

a) Pavement on one side only inside 50 mph. Roughly 330 m from 30 mph to houses.
b) Entrance to fields.
c) Two groups of houses on this side of the road with no pavement.
d) Houses with poorly maintained pavement. Post box and notice board. Layby both sides of road. Sign for speed safety cameras.
e) Public entrance to Trumpington Estate footpaths in 60 mph zone.
f) Public Footpath to Comberton and across the road to Haslingfield and radio telescopes in 60 mph zone.