This section of Wimpole Road (A 603) is the 30 mph zone through the village. It extends from roughly 280 m East of Haslingfield Road past the White Horse pub, Wallis and Sons Garage to the other side of the layby where the speed increases again to 40 mph and the road becomes Cambridge Road.

There is a speed camera on the North side of the road near 40 Wimpole Road. Recent MVAS data at 94 Wimpole Road (SC25) shows a V85 of 40 mph pointing towards Barton and Haslingfield Road and a V85 of 48 mph when the MVAS is pointed away from Barton. Top speed recorded was 96 mph coming in to Barton.

a) Large pull-in or lay-by. Lorries park at night, there is a fast food van during the day. Access to Lance Rainer business.
b) Footpath, farm access and Green Barn business.
c) Junction to High Street. Cyclists crossing.
d) White Horse public house.
e) Wallis and sons’ garage, petrol station and convenience store. Busy road to cross especially during rush hours.
f) Poor visibility junction Holben Close. Route through to recreation ground and school.
g) Speed camera in one direction only. Partially hidden on bend. Long lay-by opposite. Households report near misses pulling on to main road from driveways. Non-locals parking in lay-by make it harder to pull out safely.
h) Entrance to footpaths and field (Countryside Restoration Trust).
i) Footpath to recreation ground. Busy junction to cross especially during rush hour.
j) MVAS lamppost location SC25 (94 Wimpole Road). Motorists only slow from 50 mph when approaching the bend towards the speed camera. Motorist already travelling at speed in 30 mph anticipating 50 mph limit.