Busy junction with traffic turning towards Barton and Comberton (B1046), cyclists crossing New Road to continue on the cycle path. Pedestrians crossing for both Roman Hill and to the Granchester footpath. Horse riders cross to Granchester bridle path. Queuing traffic in rush hour (7:00 am to 9:00 am) on both New Road and Cambridge Road (A 603). Often hard to cross because of volume of traffic. Junction confuses some drivers who end up going the wrong way around the triangle. Hard for long farm vehicles to make the turn at this junction.

a) Entrance to firing range, farm and cemetery in 50 mph zone. Very busy during rush hour towards Cambridge in the morning and towards Barton in the evening.
b) Footpath and bridle path to Granchester.
c) Complex junction with triangle, cyclist and pedestrians crossing. Horses cross to go to Granchester. Bus stops on both sides of New Road. Motorists often confused by junction. Hard to cross from Roman Hill during busy times and school times.
d) Possible location for MVAS. Reports of speeding motorists.
e) Cars park in Roman Hill area for commuting into Cambridge. Complaints from residents.
f) No pavement on this side of the road so have to cross busy road.
g) Transition from 40 mph to 30 mph on bend with lay-by.