The Pavilion on the recreation ground is run by Barton Recreation Ground Improvement Group (BRIG), a registered charity.

Lettings Secretary: Margaret Penston


Telephone: (01223) 262465

Treasurer: Alec Tompson


Telephone: (01223) 262683

Car Park

Gate is opened and locked by volunteers. Remember to check closing times in the evening:

Summer closing 9 pm (April to September)

Winter closing 7:30 pm (October to March)


The pavilion was opened in 2011 following four years of fund raising and building work. It is a unique space for social and sporting events, built to high environment standards. Standards that include ground-source heat pumps, rain-water harvesting, motion-sensing lighting and high insulation levels.

BRIG is a charity setup in 2009 to aid fund raising and run the pavilion (no. 1130968).

Nigel Siddall (Chair of BRIG), Tony Orgee (SCDC Chair, Councillor), Sarah Gosling (Grant Manager, WREN), Patrick DeBacker (Clerk, Barton Parish Council) and Jim Hill (Cambridgeshire FA)