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EWR Public Events in our Area

EWR will be holding public events in our are in June. I recommend you attend to find out how the latest EWR proposals affect Barton and near-by Parishes. Our nearest event will be held at Eversden Village Hall on 22 June 2023 between 2 pm and 8 pm. Alternatively you can attend the one at […]

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Reminder of Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place at the Village Hall next Thursday 15th June 2023. The meeting will start at 7:30 pm with refreshments available from 7:00 pm and after the meeting. The agenda is on the website.

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Funeral of Robin Page

Robin Page Many in the village will already know of the sad passing of Robin Page who lived next to Bird Farm and Haslingfield Road. Robin was well know for his views on the decline of the village and his concerns about intensive farming and the impact it has on wildlife. In 1994 he became […]

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New Grass Cutting Contract in Place

You may have noticed that the village has become rather overgrown! Whilst we are aiming for more biodiversity, perfect grass growing conditions have inadvertently pushed the village to the extreme.  This has coincided with the 4-yearly grass cutting tender process, leaving us in between contractors. However, the great news is that our lovely new contractors […]

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Making Connections Consultation Reports

Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership update This week we have seen a huge amount of interest in the launch of the Making Connections consultation report. The results have been widely discussed throughout the media and we have seen the Making Connections 2022 report downloaded extensively while the presentation of the results has had over 200 views. As […]

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Pavement repairs to Wimpole Road

Finally, some great news for Wimpole Road! With our particular thanks to Parish Councillors Andy Martin, Shelley Arora-Tailby and the Wimpole Road residents for their tireless lobbying, we have received confirmation from Cambridgeshire County Council that works will begin to repair the pavements along the A603/ Wimpole Road within the next 12 weeks.  We will […]

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Making Connections update Consultation report published A report outlining the results from the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s Making Connections public consultation has been published today at More than 24,000 people responded to the consultation, which proposed measures to transform the bus network alongside better walking and cycling infrastructure that would be funded in the long […]


Cycle Helmets

There was a serious accident between two cyclists at the junction of New Road and the A603 (Cambridge Road) on Wednesday afternoon resulting in one cyclist being taken to hospital with a serious head injury. The cyclist was not wearing a helmet. We recognise that it is not compulsory to wear a cycle helmet but […]

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EWR Route Update Announcement

Route Update Announcement May 2023 Route Update Announcement Today, we’re publishing the route update for East West Rail (EWR), which will see new train services connecting Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge moving one step closer – unlocking the area’s potential to create jobs, grow the economy and attract investment for the entire country. Our proposals […]