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Making Connections Consultation Reports

Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership update
This week we have seen a huge amount of interest in the launch of the Making Connections consultation report.
The results have been widely discussed throughout the media and we have seen the Making Connections 2022 report downloaded extensively while the presentation of the results has had over 200 views.
As well as the report itself we have published the raw survey data in addition to the written submissions we received during the ten-week consultation. All of the information is available at
To remind you, next week the report will be presented to the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s Joint Assembly meeting on Thursday 8 June where members will have the opportunity to discuss the findings. You will be able to view the meeting live at
Members will also hear an update on the Greater Cambridge Greenways at Bottisham, Swaffham and St Ives, which links to next week being the 100th annual National Bike Week.
As the UK’s leading cycling city – walking and cycling is the main mode of transport for many of us on our daily commutes – the GCP is working to deliver improved ways to travel around Greater Cambridge. You can learn more at: