FOBS Half-Term Scavenger Hunt


Friends of Barton School (FOBS) is organising a family scavenger hunt over the half term holidays (w/c 26th October) around Barton. FOBS are asking for a donation, and are suggesting £5 per family, but any amount would be welcome!

For details about the event, email or go to FOBS Facebook page:

There’s also a colouring competition too where you can win a fabulous prize.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun!

Good luck, FOBS

Anthony Browne and East West Rail

Council News

Sorry that there are so many posts on the topic of East West Rail but this is important for Barton and South Cambridgeshire. Anthony Browne MP hosted a meeting of over 35 people Thursday evening (15 October 2020). East West Rail had members of their team present to answer questions and to address concerns. There were lots of good questions from an engaged and constructive audience.

Main points:

  1. EWR are developing routes and will consult in January.
  2. Cambridge North is not an option. That was decided some time ago based on cost, time and future development potential.
  3. Cambourne North is an option. EWR will look at that. Big push from Cambourne, Anthony Browne and others. Cambourne is likely to develop on the other side of A428 so a station would end up in the middle of the town if on the North Side. EWR route would still be through Option E to Cambridge South.
  4. Roads would be crossed and railways would be crossed. No roads cut off. Public right of ways maintained.
  5. Made clear to EWR and Ashton Cull (representing the Mayor) that an integrated transport system is essential.
  6. High speed passenger line so freight unlikely.
  7. Start with 4 trains per hour. Frequent enough for people to jump on a train at Cambourne to travel into Cambridge.
  8. Traction type not fixed. May start with diesel but looking at electric, battery, hydrogen. Anthony stated that it could not be diesel. Government would not allow it.
  9. Cycle track alongside to be included if possible.
  10. Myths busted: 24/7 NO; noisy, polluting NO; wedge through communities NO

If you have any questions please contact our Clerk.


East West Rail launch Community Hub

Council News

East West Rail have launched their Community Hub. This is where you can register to express views and be involved. The link pulls up the email with additional information.

Car Key Burglaries

Neighbourhood Watch News

Cambridgeshire police would like to highlight a recent series of car key burglaries, which are taking place across all force areas.

Please be alert to suspicious activity at homes or addresses with high powered vehicles such as BMWs, Audis, Volkswagens, and Mercedes. Burglaries are being committed to obtain vehicle keys as improved security means that these vehicles are more difficult to steal without a key.

We are encouraging residents to remain vigilant during the day, lookout for any unusual people or vehicles paying attention to the driveway of a house where a desirable car is parked, even if it is not there at the time, similarly late at night, if you are coming or going be on the lookout for unusual activity.

Owners of high value, desirable cars are advised to take extra precautions:

  • Never leave vehicle or other keys in open view of your letterbox or ground floor window where a potential offender could easily access them by fishing them out with a device, consider installing a cage or security device to keep the letterbox secure.
  • Always lock windows and doors.
  • Fit a steering wheel lock / or after market security device.
  • Aggravated burglary is rare in Cambridgeshire, but if the thief is persistent enough to break in, it’s best they take the keys and leave.
  • The safety and protection of people should always come first.
  • If you have a secure garage you can park your car in overnight, do use it.
  • Set burglar alarms and any other security devices you have installed, consider a driveway alarm to give you early warning of someone approaching on your drive.
  • Consider fitting a tracking device, if your car is stolen there is a greater chance of it being traced.
  • Be alert to who is around and where your keys are.

Report suspicious activity or interest in these types of vehicles to police on 101, or 999 in an emergency. Without putting yourself at risk, try to obtain a description of anyone you saw, and registration numbers of vehicles this can be passed on to police to aid investigation.

Criminal activity can also be reported to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

More on EWR

Council News

Your parish council joined East West Rail on one of four online sessions held between 18 and 25 August to “restart the conversation”.

Attached a brief summary of all the sessions provided by EWR.

EWR plan on presenting options for route alignments early next year in a non-statutory consultation. As part of their planning for this consultation, they are creating a ‘Community Consultation Plan’. This document outlines the methods they intend to use during the consultation to make sure they reach as many people as possible, with clear information, giving everyone the ability and opportunity to respond.

They have used many of the ideas from the August sessions to shape the activity they are proposing, and they would like to present it to Parish and Town Councils in November for views.

They will be in touch with meeting invitations over the coming weeks.

If you have any views on EWR, please contact our Clerk.


Closing Early

Council News







Wednesday WI Latest

Wednesday WI News

Following the most recent Government advice we have taken the decision to hold all of our meetings remotely using Zoom for the foreseeable future and have arranged meetings for the next seven months on this basis.  We have also been discussing the fact that given the new restrictions announced this week and the likelihood that at some point in the next few months there may be periods of time when these are tightened there may be ladies in Barton and the surrounding area, particularly those who live alone, who are feeling lonely and would like to be in touch with other ladies.  In addition to our main meetings we also have an active book club and during lockdown earlier this year had regular social gatherings on Zoom to chat, do quizzes and play games if there is interest in this over the winter months then we would certainly consider holding similar events.  It is not necessary to be online to use Zoom as people can dial in, but if there were ladies who wanted to join us but were nervous about the technology one of us would be happy to meet with them (suitably socially distanced of course) to help them.  There is an annual subscription to join but at the moment we are offering 6 months (October 2020 to April 2021) for the price of 3 for any lady who is new to WI.

Contact Sue Curryer (See Wednesday WI page)

EWR Update

Council News

Barton Parish Council (BPC) is in discussion with East West Rail (EWR), Greater Cambridge Planning Group, and other parties with a vested interest in EWR route alignment options. The official position of BPC is still to be finalised as we are awaiting further input of route options from EWR. EWR are working on these options and plan to present these to the public in January 2021. BPC will be active in considering these options and the effect on our community.

Cambridge Approaches (CA) is an action group based in Haslingfield. CA have had discussions with several parishes and prepared a series of webinars to express CA views, and those of some parishes that may be impacted by EWR. If you wish to attend one of their webinars, click on the date links below to register.

BPC welcome your feedback and assure you that we will act on your behalf.

The Cambridge Approaches working group published a map of alternative route alignments in EWR’s option E search area.

The schedule for Cambridge Approaches webinars is as follows:

They expect the webinars to last about an hour and there will be opportunities to ask questions.


Have Your Say on Road Safety Enforcement

Police and Crime Comissioner News

Hello all,

In 2018 1,784 people were killed on Britain’s roads – this included 456 pedestrians and 48 children. In addition, 25,511 people were seriously injured.

The Government is currently reviewing roads policing, and what the future of traffic law enforcement may look like. The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners are conducting a national survey and are keen to hear your views.

I would like to invite you to complete this short survey to help inform the Police and Crime Commissioner’s response to Government.
The survey can be accessed by clicking this link

The 60 second survey is open until 17:00 on the 30th September

Kindest regards,
Connie Anker
Communications and Engagement Officer
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Scam Phone Call from “Police”

Neighbourhood Watch News

We had a report from a lady in Kings Grove of a scam. “Cambridge Police” called to say that they had a person in custody who had stolen a bank card and that they wanted to verify details. This is an old scam and often the scammers ask for a call back. The phone line is often kept open and a different person answers the phone. Do not give out details of any type over the phone. If in doubt call your bank on a different phone and check. Also you can call the local police and check. Usually these types of scams happen at night when people are asleep, woken up, and drousy. Very easy to fall victim to this scam. So beware.

Have a look at the recent post on scams and have a look through the booklet of common scams.