B1046 Road Works for 3 Days in June (Diversions and Traffic Management)

We have received notification from CCC Highways that Gripfibre Micro Asphalt Surface Treatment will start on the B1046 (Comberton Road) on Monday 3rd June 2024 until Wednesday 5th June. Diversions and traffic management will be in place during that period.

Walk the Walk

Dear Friends, Residents & Bellringers


A huge thank you to all those who supported our WalktheWalk fundraising day on Saturday 11th May in support of breast cancer. We raised over a £1000. A great way to celebrate being 60!

I hope the residents of Barton enjoyed the two quarter Peals and thank you to Marina for co-ordinating with the Birmingham gang.

If however you would still like to donate and haven’t yet done so, Just follow the link below.

Thank you again

Sarah Pitchford & Tina Lewis

East West Rail and Land Interest Questionnaires

Dear South Cambridgeshire East Local Representatives Groups member,


I am emailing to let you know about a door-knocking exercise starting this week to encourage households and landowners to complete their Land Interest Questionnaires (LIQ) for the East West Rail Project.


A LIQ is part of the planning process for large-scale developments like East West Rail. The questionnaire helps us, East West Railway Company (EWR Co), to identify the people and organisations with legal interests in land that may be affected by the Project. This process, called “Land Referencing”, is an important step in applying for a Development Consent Order, which would grant consent to build the new railway.


The information gathered through the LIQ process will ensure that all parties potentially affected by the proposals are included in future communications and can comment on the Project as it progresses. Last month, LIQs were posted to households and landowners, followed by phone calls and emails to encourage completion. Where we have not been able to make contact or have not received a completed form, we plan to visit the properties in person starting this.


Ardent’s Land Referencing Team, working on behalf of EWR Co, will undertake the door-knocking exercise. All team members will carry identification and are trained to support anyone needing help to complete their LIQ or answer any questions. More information on LIQs is available on our website: www.eastwestrail.co.uk/land-interest-questionnaires-liq-faqs.


The Land Referencing Team will also use the door-knocking exercise to contact a smaller group of landowners who haven’t responded to our requests to access their land so we can undertake necessary non-intrusive or intrusive surveys. More information on these types of survey requests is available on our website: www.eastwestrail.co.uk/planning/land-and-property#coming-onto-land


If you know anyone who may be concerned about responding to either request or has questions about the process, please encourage them to contact our Lands Team by emailing or calling 0330 8387583.


Kind regards,





Sarah Jacobs

Local Representatives Groups Engagement Manager

The Hoops – Protect our Pub

In a time where the traditional British pub is rapidly in decline, we would like to ask for your support.

Barton Parish Council, together with the Hoops’ landlord, Mr Neil Kirkland, is applying to register the Hoops as an “asset of community value”. This registration will allow the community to have the opportunity to bid to buy the Hoops should it come up for sale. It will also represent a strong expression of local opinion for consideration by the planning authority, if any application is made to change its use.

To support our application, we would be grateful if you could provide photos and/ or written anecdotes of why and how the Hoops is important to the community and the social wellbeing of local residents. These can be left with Neil at the Hoops or emailed to:

Every story will make a difference!

A petition of support is also available for signature in the Hoops.

Barton Telephone Box Library

We would like to express their heartfelt thanks to Harry and Valarie Baines who have kindly looked after the village telephone box library on the High Street since it was first purchased from B.T by the Parish Council for £1.  Over the years they have generously given over their time and space(!) to store and sort donated books, replenish stocks for borrowing, and maintained the up-keep of the telephone box, ensuring it is kept tidy and organised. It is thanks to their efforts, the telephone box library has now become a much-loved community asset to the village. Harry, Valerie, we are very grateful – Thank you!

After many years of looking after the telephone box library, Valerie and Harry have now decided it is the right time to retire. We are now looking for a new volunteer to take on its upkeep. If you have some time and would be willing to look after the telephone box library, please email the PC Clerk at:

Barton Parish Report and Action Plan

In 2004, a group of village volunteers chaired by Patrick de Backer came together to produce a Barton Parish Report and Action Plan for the village. Originally prepared in response to a government initiative at the time, the report now stands as a time capsule, capturing our village community and environment in 2004.

Based on responses to a village-wide questionnaire, it provides an historical record of the households, education, people, development, transport, local services, religion, sport, crime, and clubs and societies in the village. It offers an insight into resident opinion in 2004 and highlights the community views on how Barton might develop and what should be preserved over the next 10 years.

Twenty years have passed since the report was prepared and reading over it now, it is amazing to see how much progress has been made. It is pleasing to see that much of what was valued by the community, has in fact been preserved and maintained.

We think it would be a nice idea to produce a new Barton Parish Report for 2024 and recapture the opinions of the village 20 years on. It is a big task, and we would welcome the help of a group of volunteers to work with us. We are looking to set up a new steering group to lead the project over the coming months. If you would like to be involved and have some time to offer, please contact the PC Clerk at:

The 2004 Barton Parish report and action plan is available to view on Barton village website, visit: https://bartonvillage.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/BARTON-PC-Parish-Plan-Sept-04.pdf

Weapons Amnesty

We’re holding a weapons amnesty next week allowing people to hand in knives and other items without being prosecuted.

As well as knives, the amnesty will cover items such as knuckledusters, extendable batons, curved swords and zombie knives that have been made illegal to own.

The week-long amnesty will include bins at Cambourne Police Station on Tuesday (14 May) from 7am until 4pm, Histon Police Station on Wednesday (15 May) from 10am until 12pm and Sawston Police Station from 10am until 12pm.

The weapons amnesty forms part of the national ‘Operation Sceptre’ knife crime week of action. It will also include extra police patrols in ‘hotspot’ areas, targeting those believed to be carrying knives, work in schools and with retailers who sell knives.

For more information on the amnesty you can visit our website.

Kind regards,

Tim Goddard

Communications officer

WalktheWalk Fund Raising at the Village Hall

On Saturday 11th May Barton Village Hall


Sarah Pitchford (ex-Chair of Barton PC and Tina Lewis) are holding a fund-raising event which supports breast cancer research and education (walkthewalk.org).  in June, both Sarah and Tina will be doing a marathon Moonwalk in Iceland. As part of their fundraising activities and accompanied by the sound of bells at St Peter’s Church Barton, refreshments will be served throughout the day, offering teas, coffee and cake. A ploughman’s can also be served but must be booked beforehand with Sarah Pitchford on 07816495590. There will also be the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets, and this will be drawn on the day at 4pm

At 11:00 and again at 13:00 Bellringers from St Martin’s Guild in Birmingham and Cambridge will be ringing two quarter peals. This consists of at least 1250 changes over a 45-minute period. There are six bells at St. Peter’s Church: the tenor weighing 10CWT and the oldest bell dating from 1608.  Change ringing has been part of British culture for hundreds of years.

Join us for this wonderful celebration.

If you would like to donate towards the quarter peals, to commemorate an event within your own family, be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday or to commemorate a loved one, please contact Sarah Pitchford 07816 495590.  All quarter peels are recorded on the national bell board register so there will be a lasting record for your family.

Thank you for your support

Sarah Pitchford & Tina Lewis

Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

Anthony Browne Road Survey

Our local MP Anthony Browne, has posted a survey about local roads. Details of his message are links to the survey are below:

Are you a road user?

Fill in my survey below to let me know what you think of our local roads

Click here to fill in my survey

I know how important our roads are to everyday life in South Cambridgeshire.

The government understands that it is essential all road users can move about freely and safely.  It is providing Cambridgeshire with £27.7 million for road maintenance between 2022 and 2025, with over £2 billion spent on improving the A14 and A428. This is on top of the hundreds of millions it has given to the Greater Cambridge Partnership, County Council and Combined Authority to improve local transport.

But anyone who has driven or cycled around Cambridgeshire recently will have seen that the state of our roads is declining rapidly.

There have also been major proposals by local transport authorities to introduce congestion charging in Cambridge and more recently, to reclassify our local road network, which could result in many roads being closed to cars. Last year, we saw a local policy to stop killing weeds on the roads and pavements. I would like to understand how you feel about the way our local roads are being managed.

I know that these issues matter to you. Your feedback is the only way I can be sure I’m championing your interests. How do you use our roads? Are you concerned about road charging? What do you think about the condition of our local roads? Scroll down to share your experiences and concerns – it will only take a few minutes. I hope you will share your views on this vital topic

Take my survey here


Celebrating Ruth Bond’s 25 years as a Lay Preacher

On Sunday morning (21st April 2024) the congregation at St Peter’s Church witnessed the celebration of Ruth Bond’s 25 years service  as a Licensed Lay Preacher (Lay Reader).

Ruth Bond 25 years 2024

Ruth Bond 25 years 2024