A further update on the village pond

The Parish Council has had the preliminary results from tests conducted on silt samples taken from the pond.  These show that the silt in the base of the pond contains a number of heavy metals and hydrocarbons from the road runoff that feeds into the pond.  We are in the process of having the contamination levels reviewed to understand where the silt can be lawfully disposed of.

From a human health perspective, this silt should remain in the pond whilst still being investigated.

At this time, we would kindly ask you not to remove any silt from the pond.  The risk to your health and of potentially breaking the law is real and serious.




Support for eligible pensioners who are struggling with food and fuel bills

Age UK Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and Cambridgeshire County
Council are working together to provide support for eligible pensioners
who are struggling with food and fuel bills. We can provide financial
support within a few days and help you find longer-term support if needed.
This isn’t charity – we are using the Government-funded Household Support
Fund to provide this help.
Born before 30 September 1956? We can help
Struggling with your bills?

To apply call 01223 221929
or visit www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/household-support-fund

Bus Times

There are two ways to access real time information via a  mobile app MyBusTrip or via the website www.cambridgeshirebus.info

EWR LGM & Haslingfield Drop-in

Councillor Martin attended the EWR Local Representative Group meeting Tuesday 26 July 2022. These groups have been setup by EWR to meet every quarter to discuss the project and any local concerns.

Major points

  • EWR are still going through 160,000 points raised from the last consulation
  • EWR are still working on the business case to present to Government
  • No decision from Secretary of State likely until 2025 (Development Consent Order)

Many of our communities are in limbo until either the project is formally cancelled or the DCO approved. This results in some uncertainty over house sales either by properties being close to proposed routes of EWR or scare mongering create by campaign groups. If you are facing difficulties with mortgages or house sales, please contact EWR for help and advice.

The postponed Haslingfield drop-in has been rescheduled for Friday September 9th at the village hall in Haslingfield between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm. This is open to all members of the public and is an opportunity to meet the EWR team and review plans that were presented last summer.




Burglary in South Cambridgeshire

Burglary in South Cambs this summer

Over the past four weeks we’ve recorded 10 burglaries or attempted burglaries in South Cambridgeshire.

We’re sure you will agree that is 10 too many.

The incidents include people entering through open or unlocked windows and doors.

We’re also seeing burglars distracting their victims by pretending they are someone they are not to enter homes.

Be alert to suspicious vehicles or unfamiliar faces and remember that if in doubt, keep them out of your homes.

Keep an eye out for elderly neighbours and work with others in your street to keep a look out for each other’s properties when you are away this summer.

Please take a few moments to have a read through our burglary and distraction burglary crime prevention advice so you can outsmart any potential burglars and keep your home safe and secure.

Kind Regards,

Detective Sergeant James Rabbett
Southern Acquisitive Crime Team

Update on Village Pond

The Parish Council has taken further expert advice, and having initially considered leaving the silt (the muddy layer now visible at the bottom of the pond) as it performs the function of a filter, we have been advised that this is a good window of opportunity to remove some of the silt that has built up over time, and therefore both clean and increase the depth of the pond. With greater depth we would have a greater volume of water, which would hopefully fare better during future heatwaves. The pond will then be left to naturally re-fill with rain and run-off water when the weather decides to change. Some villagers may remember the last time de-silting happened in 1995!

A first step in this process is the testing of the silt to ensure it does not contain contaminants (e.g. oils, heavy metals) and, once the Parish Council has the results, we will be able to determine when and by whom the de-silting process can be conducted, and to where we can dispose of it.

By way of an update on the pond wildlife we are pleased to confirm that we didn’t lose all our fish! Sadly a few of the carp did succumb to the high water temperatures, however a team of local volunteers have managed to save around 700 fish and they have been relocated to a temporary rescue tank and seem to be doing well. The ducks, newts, moorhens, toads etc. that have also been inhabiting the pond will find their way to other ponds, of which we know there are many not far from the central village one.

By taking the actions outlined above (and other potential steps to be determined) we hope to be able to mitigate against such extreme water loss in future. Further updates will be released as information is known.

Barton Parish Council

Haslingfield EWR drop-in Postponed

If you were planning to attend the EWR drop-in on Tuesday 19th at Haslingfield Village Hall, it has been postponed. The postponement is because of the red heat warning. The event will go ahead and EWR are looking at the following week now.

Early Start for Bin Collections

From Greater Cambridgeshire Shared Waste

During the forecast extremely hot weather, please ensure your bins are put out the night before they are due to be collected. This is because Greater Cambridge Shared Waste crews will be starting work earlier in the day than usual, to try and avoid the worst of the heat. This means your bins may get emptied earlier in the morning than you are used to.


Tom Horn | Senior Communications Officer

More on the Pond

The Parish Council will hold a meeting Thursday or Friday next week to discuss a course of action for the village pond.

There is a very useful article on fresh water habitats and pros and cons of de-silting ponds. The question is do we follow advice for a fresh water habitat pond and not remove any silt or do we treat this as a “fish” pond and remove the silt, deepen the pond with the resultant loss of biodiversity and fresh water habitat? Do we try and combine the two environments?

Your views and comments are welcome early next week before our meeting.


Anthony Browne News

In the news

A new era under a new leader

Well, what an interesting week. Just a couple of weeks ago, I had two one-on-one meetings with the then Chancellor and the then Health Secretary, talking not about leadership but economic policy, and support for hospitals in Cambridge. Five days later, Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid both resigned from Government. I immediately issued a second letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister and published the first one I had submitted a month earlier which helped trigger the first no-confidence vote. Those tuned into my social media will have seen copies of both my letters to the 1922 Committee calling for him to go.

Whoever the next Prime Minister is, I will be working with them to help the constituents of South Cambridgeshire and ensure a better future for everyone. Its been a packed month in the constituency, and you can scroll down to find out more about how I have been:

  • Polling constituents on who should be the next prime minister. Thanks to the 1,220 people who gave their opinions – Rishi Sunak was the clear favourite with 27% of the vote.
  • Surveying residents in Sawston to tackle issues that concern residents, including the state of roads and the former Barclays Bank eyesore.
  • Meeting with the Health Secretary to push for specialist hospitals and a pay rise for NHS staff.
  • Pushing the investigations into reports of toxic water in Great Shelford, and receiving an update from the Minister for Water.
  • Assisting constituents with passport applications, schooling concerns, emergency support, Homes for Ukraine applications, and over 1,000 other issues.


My letters of no confidence in the Prime Minister. As I say in them both, it is time to restore trust in politics and competence in government.

My article for this week’s Cambridge Independant, on what I’m looking for in the next Prime Minister and why I backed Rishi in round 1.

Campaign updates

Fighting for South Cambridgeshire

A one-to-one meeting I had with the health secretary discussing funding for new hospitals and a review of  NHS pay in Cambridge to give NHS workers here a high cost of living allowance.
More on this via Facebook

My latest resident’s survey

Residents in Sawston have begun to receive letters directing them to my survey, campaigning to ensure the town has everything residents need.
Find out more here