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Traffic Calming Works in Barton

Work has started on the 2021/22 Local Highways Initiative (LHI) project. This project includes: 40 mph between Comberton and Barton; 40 mph buffer zone on Haslingfield Road; village gate on Haslingfield Road; village gates at the interface between the 30 mph and 40 mph on A603; additional road markings on the A603 both on Cambridge Road and Wimpole Road; posts for MVAS in 40 mph sections; new pavement on the bend of Haslingfield Road and Wimpole Road junctions. All these measures have been reported, discussed and approved in Parish Council meetings and are based on feedback received from the two public meetings we held in 2020. The detailed plans and Traffic reports are on our website under the Traffic working group page.

There have been some questions and comments over the sign on the gate near the lay-by on the A603. This was not part of our plans. We have asked Highways to remove this and, if possible, to place a sign  on the gate on Haslingfield Road. They will do this later in the year.

If you have any comments, please contact the Parish Council through the Clerk or through our website.