EWR and Cambridge Approaches Update

Council News

On Thursday evening, Cambridge Approaches organized a Zoom call with Anthony Browne, EWR, and representatives of several Parish Councils. Cambridge Approaches presented a detailed overview of two months’ consultations with local Parishes to the group. Councillor Andy Martin made it clear that Barton Parish had not formed a view of Cambridge Approaches route options as they had not been discussed yet with parishoners or at a public Parish Council meeting. As an individual, Andy Martin pointed out that routes through Barton should not be considered by EWR. Unnessary demolition of houses, and dropping a track through Countryside Restoration Trust land would be devastating compared to other routes proposed by Cambridge Approaches. It is clear that several Parishes were in favour of a route outside EWR option E that would impact land through Hardwick, Comberton, Barton, Grantchester, Haslingfield, South Trumpington, Hauxton and Great Shelford; the opposite side of Haslingfield from where Cambridge Approaches are based. Several Parishes chose this option mainly because it was the furthest from them. Cambridge Approaches route 1 and 1a that are within EWR option E were the next most popular routes for the same Parish Councils.

It is disappointing that there is this worry and division when EWR have not even proposed any properly evaluated routes through Option E.

As a Parish Councilor, Andy Martin had a meeting with Anthony Browne this afternoon to explain the position of Barton Parish in that we want a voice when talking to EWR. Anthony is aware of Cambridge Approaches views and has asked EWR to make sure that they listen on an equal basis to all communities. To this end, Anthony has arranged a Zoom call next week with ALL Parishes in his constituancy so that views can be expressed to EWR.

We, as a Parish Council, are aware of the unnnecessary upset that Cambridge Approaches has caused residents in Barton and if you have any concerns or comments please contact the Clerk.


EWR Update

Council News

Cambridge Approaches held an oversight meeting last night where Parish Voting was the main topic on the agenda. Cambridge Approaches is an action group based mainly in Haslingfield. They have developed various possible routes for the EWR line along Option E from Cambourne to South of Cambridge. Whilst these routes are NOT the ones that EWR have published (not expected until January 2021), they are generating a lot of debate within the parishes concerned in our area. Cambridge Approaches asked Parish Councils to consider these routes and to rank each one.

At the Cambridge Approaches meeting, alternative route 6 was ranked by several Parishes as their preferred one with routes 1 and 1a next. These three routes go though Barton Parish. The next step in the Cambridge Approaches plan is to lobby EWR and our MP with these routes.

If you have a view on EWR and the potential impact of the Cambridge Approaches routes on Barton please contact the Parish council via the Clerk. We also suggest that you write to Anthony Brown MP expressing your concerns.


Evening Session Public Drop-In Traffic

Council News

We have added an evening session from 6:30 to 7:30 on Wednesday 19th August.

Don’t forget to come along on 19th August 2020 to look at the Traffic Calming options and feedback your opinion on the various schemes. This will be at the Pavilion on the recreation ground between 10:00 and 16:00, and 18:30 to 19:30.

There will be posters showing the various options on roads around the village. Extensive consultation with Cambridgeshire County Council Highways has guided the possibilities and costs. For an early look at the options or if you cannot attend in person have a look at the presentation below. There is a feedback table on the last slide that you can fill in and submit to the Clerk.

Police Looking for Witnesses to a Fatal Accident

Local News

Unfortunately a cyclist died of his injuries when involved in an accident at the Barton Road/A603 roundabout on Friday 31 July 2020 in evening about 7:30. Police are appealing for witnesses. Contact 101 quoting 504 if you where in the area at that time on Friday and might have seen the vehicle or cyclist involved.

See Cambridge Evening News report.



Attempted Driveway Theft

Neighbourhood Watch

Attempted theft of power tools on a driveway in Barton.

“Just stopped a man from stealing a large diamond cutter belonging to a company working on our driveway. He was in a dark grey Ford Focus EA58 OKG which was parked at the end of the adjacent drive facing the road. He looked down our drive, walked onto our grass and had a look at what the worker was doing. He then crept up to the cutter, picked it up, turned and started to run. He did not see me in the kitchen watching him. I went to the back door, opened it and shouted “put that down”. He then pretended that he was there to collect the cutter and that it was a mistake. He gave me a business card and said he was a tree surgeon. I have reported this to the police with the car details and also let the owner of company working on our driveway know. I guess someone dressed up as a workman picking up equipment on a building site or where building work is being carried out would not be questioned. An opportunist thief.”

Suspicious Van

Neighbourhood Watch

White Transit Van drove up a driveway on the Comberton Road behaving in a suspicious manner. The vehicle and occupants are definitely wanted by the police. The number plate is cloned and starts with ML54….

Please take safeguarding precautions and report any unusual activity to the police.

Basketball Area Resurfacing

Council News

The Basketball Area at the recreation ground is being resurfaced and is out of bounds. The edging is being done this evening and tarmac should go done on Friday.


Barton Parish Council

Suspicious Night-Time Activity

Community News Item

Neighbourhood Watch News

We have had some suspicious night-time activity recently, and with the forecast this week for hot weather, please close all doors and windows, set your alarms if you have one when leaving your property.
There has also been a burglary from a local property and a number of items stolen.