Aurora Borealis Spectacular Display

Pictures sent of the Northern Lights on Friday night (10th May 20204) are on our “Photo of the Month”. Why go to Iceland or Norway to see the Aurora Borealis when you have such a spectacular display in Barton? They might be visible again tonight (Saturday 11 May 2024).

Parish Councillor Vacancy Notice

There is a vacancy for Parish Councillor.

A by-election to fill the vacancy will be held if within the 14 days from Thursday 9th May to Tuesday 28th May if ten or more electors for the Parish give notice in writing requesting that an election will be held.

Such notice must be delivered to the Returning Officer at: South Cambidgeshire District Council, South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6EA

If no such notice is given the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

Dated 8th May 2024

Signed Ian Minto Clerk to Barton Parish Council


Please Respond to Barton Greenways TRO

Many will be aware of the road works in Comberton that are part of Comberton Greenways project. It is important that all in Barton take note of the Barton Greenways plans as many elements will be similar to those in Comberton. Now is your last chance to comment on the plans by responding to the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) PR1001. (See below for the links.) As your representatives on the Parish Council, we will also respond. The principal of making Barton safer for cyclists is sound, but the plans also need to make the village safer for pedestrians and horse riders whilst keeping traffic moving. The deadline for comments is Thursday 21st March.


Dear all,

Cambridgeshire County Council is publishing this proposal on 28th February 2024. For further details please visit our permanent traffic regulation orders page and select PR1001.  For detailed drawings and more background information please visit GCP Barton Greenway page.

In summary the proposals are as follows:-

  • Alterations to speed limits on A603 Barton Road and in Barton village.
  • A pedestrian and cycle crossing on New Road, Barton.
  • New and changes to cycle tracks on Barton Road, Cambridge.
  • Road humps in Comberton Road and New Road, Barton.
  • Speed tables at Clare Road, Gough Way, Grange Road and St. Mark’s Court junctions with Barton Road, Cambridge.
  • Speed tables at Kings Grove and School Lane junctions with New Road, Barton.


If you wish to make any comments they should be submitted in writing, as explained in the public notice, to be received no later than 21st March 2024.


Gary Baldwin

Policy and Regulation

Transport Strategy and Network Management

Break-in on Wimpole Road

A shed was broken into on Wimpole Road Monday 11th March.

Please ensure that sheds and other outbuildings are well secured and that locks and hasps are not easily levered off with a crow bar. Match sure that valuable equipment is stored in a locked metal cabinet and the equipment is marked and serial numbers noted. Take photos of equipment.

Please report any suspicious activity and report break-ins to the police even minor. These may not be a one-off and could be part of a larger spate of burgularies.


Wedding Ring Found in Barton

Please contact the Parish Council if you have lost a wedding ring or know someone who has lost one.

Neighbourhood Watch & Reporting Suspicious Activity

We have had a few messages sent through the Barton Website Contact about sharing information about suspicious activity in the Parish.

  • Report incidents and suspicious activity directly to the local police.
  • Sarah Pitchford our Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. (Contact Sarah directly or through website or through any Councillor. See Parish Magazine.)
  • There is the Barton Village Facebook page. Use this to share as well.
  • There are local contact groups such as WhatsApp groups. Make sure you join yours or set one up if one does not exist on your street.

Posts such as this one are sent out by subscribers to the website and also shared on the Facebook page.  Please tell your neighbours and friends to subscribe as we often post useful tips from eCops and Neighbourhood Watch. Old posts are kept on the website so you can always go back and find useful information from previous posts.

Feel free to share information quickly by whatever method suits including photos or videos.

Stolen Gas Cylinders

Anyone seen suspicious activity on the lower end of the High Street yesterday afternoon (Thursday 18 January 2024)? New gas cylinders delivered in the afternoon. Home owner found the pipes cut and cylinders stolen this morning (Friday).

Post Office Scandal Barton

You may already have seen the village Facebook page with the link to the interview with Richard Sockett. Richard is a lovely man and did a lot for our village. We now know the reason why he left the Post Office.

Louise Hulland on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire – Post Office scandal: Former Barton sub-postmaster – BBC Sounds

Opportunist Thief?

From a resident on Mailes Close, Barton

“Just to let you know and thought worth mentioning to you.

I think there was an opportunist wandering around our street in the early hours of this morning.

I went out this morning to find our car door ajar and all the compartments in the car wide open with some things moved around.

Nothing taken as far as we can see, only maybe some loose change.

We may have mistakenly left the car unlocked, thus no forced entry.


Have you heard of any issues in the village?”

Ring Found near Church

A ring was found this afternoon/evening on Church Lane near St Peter’s Church. Please contact Barton PC if it is yours or you if you know someone who has lost a ring today.