Reminder Barton Greenways

The consultation on Barton Greenways closes Friday midday, so now is your last chance to have your say. The Parish Council has submitted their input which includes comments gathered over the last few weeks following the public sessions on the scheme and also meetings with various groups.

Please continue to consult with the Parish Council on this and any other concerns you may have within Barton Parish.

Reminder Barton Greenways Consultation

Reminder that Barton Greenways Consultation closes this Friday (2 December 2022) at midday.


Over 40 people attended the public drop in session at the village hall last Thursday and comments and views were noted by the GCP Greenways team and Parish Councillors present.




Catalytic Converter Threat

By now everyone must be aware of catalytic converter thefts but this is just a heads up. Late last night a neighbour saw three men messing with the neighbours car and shouted at them from his front door. He was threatened with an iron bar so shot back indoors and called the police. The heads up is this, DO NOT approach them as they are potentially very dangerous. They seem to be targeting villages again so please stay away and stay safe. Call the police and remain indoors.

Reminder Greenways Engagement Zoom

The Greenways team will be presenting Barton Greenways on Zoom. Thursday 17th November from 18:00 to 20:00.

Public engagement at the Village Hall next week Thursday 24th November from 13:30 to 19:30. There you will have chance to view plans and talk to the Greenways team.




18 Bus by Whippet from 30th October

Route 18 bus service will be operated by Whippet from 30th October 2022. Details of new bus timetables for this and other services can be found on the Cambridgshire Peterborough Combined Authority website. Below is an extract from the timetable for all new services. Page 5 is the Barton 18 bus service.

More details of Service 18 from Go Whippet website


High Street Closed until Friday

Cambridge Water are repairing a burst water mains at the top end of the High Street. Work started this morning and will continue until Friday. The recreation ground and Mailes Close are accessible from the A603 end. Great Close and Ivy Fields accessible from Comberton Road end.

EWR Haslingfield Event

There was a large turnout for the EWR Haslingfield drop in on Wednesday. I understand that several Barton residents went along and asked questions about the “Barton” option. I want to reassure residents that EWR are not looking at routes through Barton. These routes were proposed by the Haslingfield-based Cambridge Approaches group a couple of year’s back; mainly as they did not want a railway close to their houses. There is still a great deal of misinformation being spread. For example, many still believe that Diesel freight trains are going to be run on the line 24/7. Some I spoke to did not know that there is going to be a station built at the Medical Campus “South Cambridge”. It is a pity that facts about the plans are being ignored. It is also a pity that an integrated approach to infrastructure in South Cambridgeshire cannot be thought through.

Below is the link to the BBC report on the EWR event. ITV should be showing their version Thursday.

If anyone in Barton has comments or wants to discuss EWR, Andy Martin is the Parish Council representative on the EWR Local Representative group. The next EWR LRG meeting is on 1 November 2022.


The Hoops Opening

“The Hoops is reopening!! With new landlord Neil Kirkland opening the doors, hopefully on Friday the 30th September at 2 pm.

He and a team of family and friends have been working hard to clean, tidy and refresh the pub whilst keeping its old charm.

The Hoops has always been a hub of the community and Neil is keen to keep that feeling about the pub and to being a part of the wonderful village that is Barton.

He is looking forward to welcoming the village back to the Hoops and hopes for everyone’s support.”

18 Bus Route Ends

You have probably heard about Stagecoach cancelling various bus routes in Cambridgeshire. This includes our 18 bus service. This is going to impact many our village and surrounding communities. A resident in Bourne has set up a petition to sign. We would also encourage lobbying our local politicians including MP, County Councillor, District Councillor and the Mayor’s office as well as complaining directly to Stagecoach. Barton Parish Council is doing the same.

We don’t believe Stagecoach has made any effort in promoting rural bus routes nor have they engaged with local communities to see how their services could be tailored for the benefit of all.

We are not sure how cancelling bus routes fits in with the general plan to increase bus services and the proposal to introduce congestion charges in Cambridge.

We are not sure how cancelling the 18 bus will impact traffic flows through Barton given the increase in the number of houses in the area and the controversy over Cambourne to Cambridge bus routes.

If there are any other concerns you have on transport in general, please contact the Parish Council.


Mobile Condolence Book

In addition to the condolence book which is available for the messages of the residents of Barton in St Peter’s Church, a “mobile” condolence book will also be available in the village.

For Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th September, the mobile condolence book will be available in Barton CE Primary School for messages of condolence from the pupils of the school and their families.

On Friday, 16th September, the condolence book will be available in the Conkers Stores and Post Office.

On Saturday and Sunday, the book will be taken to the homes of those residents who are less mobile.  Should you wish to be included in the list of those to whom the book will be brought, please contact Councillor Chloe Langford by email at or by telephone on 07552 446731.


As a reminder, floral tributes can be placed at the Queen’s Oak on the recreation ground. Cut flowers or plants are welcome with plants being moved to a suitable site after the funeral.

Tree Guard

Queen’s Oak