Proposed C19 TTRO 2020C19-012 High Street, Barton

Council News

As part of Traffic Calming and Safety measures, Cambridgeshire County Council Highways Department have proposal an experimental  20 mph speed limit on High Street, Barton (includes Ivy Field, Great Close, Mailes Close & Cottage Farm Court) between the A603 Wimple Road and B1046 Comberton Road. This is to facilitate walking / cycling. A reduction in speed to 20 mph would also make it safer for horse riders. No road width changes but there will be priority chicanes installed to calm traffic. (High Street Plan)

There is a brief consultation period with a closing date for comment by the Parish Council of 13 August 2020 after this date it will be assumed that there are no objections and Cambridgeshire County Council will proceed with the application. Please send any comments to the Barton Parish Council Clerk by email by Friday 7th August 2020 for consolidation.