A sidewalk made uneven by tree roots

Pavements on Kings Grove

A resident has drawn to our attention that the pavements on Kings Grove have fallen into a dangerous state of disrepair.  The Parish Council will begin to lobby the Highways Agency to repair these footpaths and we encourage residents to do likewise.

As a reminder, minor road or pavement repairs can be logged on Cambridgeshire County Council website at: https://highwaysreporting.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/.

The more that faults are reported, the higher the issues are raised on the CCC Highways priority list for getting fixed. We have had some recent success through this route with repair works to the pavements along the A603/Wimpole Road getting approval earlier this year.

Please let the Parish Council know if you have any difficulties with the reporting system or if you have concerns. We are here to help if we can and follow up with District and County councillors as well as our MP.