Green Bin Collection Changes

Dear Residents,

I hope this find you well. If you have not already seen yesterday evening or this morning, please see our press release regarding the suspension of green bin from Monday 13 December:,

At present, the collections will resume on Wednesday 12 January 2022 in line with the Christmas collection date changes. As the green bin collections would have turned turn to their usual 4-weekly cycle from w/b 27 December/3 January, the suspension is adding an extra two weeks to this, so residents will only be missing one green bin collection throughout the planned suspension. Residents are advised to check the websites for updates and for their collection days via the online calendar which have been updated to reflect this. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For additional information, below is a copy of the bin collection dates changes over the festive period. (Note Barton days are normally Wednesday.)


Usual collection day Revised collection day
Wed 15 Dec 2021 (Black) Wed 15 Dec 2021 (Black)
Wed 22 Dec 2021 (Blue only) Wed 22 Dec 2021 (Blue only)
Wed 29 Dec 2021 (Black) Fri 31 Dec 2021 (Black)
Wed 05 Jan 2022 (Blue only) Sat 08 Jan 2022 (Blue only)
Wed 12 Jan 2022 (Black) Fri 14 Jan 2022 (Black)
Wed 19 Jan 2022 (Blue and Green) Thu 20 Jan 2022 (Blue and Green)
Wed 26 Jan 2022 (Black) Back to normal



Jack Howe | Waste Projects Officer – Communications