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East West Rail and Land Interest Questionnaires

Dear South Cambridgeshire East Local Representatives Groups member,


I am emailing to let you know about a door-knocking exercise starting this week to encourage households and landowners to complete their Land Interest Questionnaires (LIQ) for the East West Rail Project.


A LIQ is part of the planning process for large-scale developments like East West Rail. The questionnaire helps us, East West Railway Company (EWR Co), to identify the people and organisations with legal interests in land that may be affected by the Project. This process, called “Land Referencing”, is an important step in applying for a Development Consent Order, which would grant consent to build the new railway.


The information gathered through the LIQ process will ensure that all parties potentially affected by the proposals are included in future communications and can comment on the Project as it progresses. Last month, LIQs were posted to households and landowners, followed by phone calls and emails to encourage completion. Where we have not been able to make contact or have not received a completed form, we plan to visit the properties in person starting this.


Ardent’s Land Referencing Team, working on behalf of EWR Co, will undertake the door-knocking exercise. All team members will carry identification and are trained to support anyone needing help to complete their LIQ or answer any questions. More information on LIQs is available on our website:


The Land Referencing Team will also use the door-knocking exercise to contact a smaller group of landowners who haven’t responded to our requests to access their land so we can undertake necessary non-intrusive or intrusive surveys. More information on these types of survey requests is available on our website:


If you know anyone who may be concerned about responding to either request or has questions about the process, please encourage them to contact our Lands Team by emailing or calling 0330 8387583.


Kind regards,





Sarah Jacobs

Local Representatives Groups Engagement Manager