2022 06 30 09 42 08

Trick or Treat

As Halloween approaches, we would like to emphasise the importance of keeping safe whilst having a spooktacular time!

If you’ve got children heading out for trick-or-treating, please remind them of the importance of being mindful of those who do not wish to participate in the holiday. In order to respect those who may not wish to participate for a manner of reasons, we ask that you do not knock on the doors of those who have ‘no trick or treaters’ signs or even those without any lights/decorations displayed.

With it getting darker earlier, you can help make it safer for children by keeping your outdoor lights on. Furthermore, ensure that children are accompanied by a responsible adult.

For those thinking of taking part in the ‘trick’ aspect of Halloween, it is important to keep in mind that any deliberate behaviour that results in damage or hurts someone is a crime.

We hope you won’t need us, but as with any other day of the year, we are at the end of the phone if you need us and will have our neighbourhood officers on patrol across the country as a visible presence.

You can find more information and where to report any issues via our dedicated webpage.