Linton Ram Raid

Ram Raids Targetting ATMs in Linton & Bassingborn

There have been two reported ram-raids targetting ATMs recently in Linton and Bassingborn. Both involved heavy-duty vehicles and stolen high performance cars. Police are advising that these types of vehicles should have trackers fitted. (See below for advice.)

This is the aftermath in Linton High Street this morning following an attempted ram raid.

At 1:10am, three men wearing balaclavas targeted the Co-op ATM using a Toyota Hi-Lux with false plates to smash the front of the shop.

They were unsuccessful and left with no cash, leaving the Hi-Lux at the scene and making off in a silver Golf Type R.

We’re continuing our presence in the area today, with a scene in place to preserve evidence.


We urge anyone with information to come forward. If you have information, please get in touch with us via web chat: quoting incident 19 of today or contact us on 101 if you don’t have internet access. Remember, in emergencies, always dial 999.

You can help prevent incidents like this by:

🌍 Ensuring your vehicles are equipped with working trackers, especially if you own high-performance cars or “heavy vehicles”, such as transits and flat beds.

🎥 Considering the installation of video doorbells or CCTV for added security.

🏠 Reporting anything suspicious, such as people scoping houses or tampering with number plates.

🤔 Reporting any instances of people showing unusual interest in ATM machines, including taking photos or attaching “out of order” signs.

👀 Expressing concerns about anything that seems out of the ordinary involving high-performance cars, heavy vehicles, or plant equipment travelling in towns and villages during the night.

🚗 Reporting high-performance or heavy vehicles that are not typically seen in the area and appear to have been left parked for an extended period. Together, we can make our community safer.


Kind regards,

James Rabbett, Detective Sergeant of Acquisitive Crime Team