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Neighbourhood Watch & Reporting Suspicious Activity

We have had a few messages sent through the Barton Website Contact about sharing information about suspicious activity in the Parish.

  • Report incidents and suspicious activity directly to the local police.
  • Sarah Pitchford our Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. (Contact Sarah directly or through website or through any Councillor. See Parish Magazine.)
  • There is the Barton Village Facebook page. Use this to share as well.
  • There are local contact groups such as WhatsApp groups. Make sure you join yours or set one up if one does not exist on your street.

Posts such as this one are sent out by subscribers to the website and also shared on the Facebook page.  Please tell your neighbours and friends to subscribe as we often post useful tips from eCops and Neighbourhood Watch. Old posts are kept on the website so you can always go back and find useful information from previous posts.

Feel free to share information quickly by whatever method suits including photos or videos.