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EWR Haslingfield Event

There was a large turnout for the EWR Haslingfield drop in on Wednesday. I understand that several Barton residents went along and asked questions about the “Barton” option. I want to reassure residents that EWR are not looking at routes through Barton. These routes were proposed by the Haslingfield-based Cambridge Approaches group a couple of year’s back; mainly as they did not want a railway close to their houses. There is still a great deal of misinformation being spread. For example, many still believe that Diesel freight trains are going to be run on the line 24/7. Some I spoke to did not know that there is going to be a station built at the Medical Campus “South Cambridge”. It is a pity that facts about the plans are being ignored. It is also a pity that an integrated approach to infrastructure in South Cambridgeshire cannot be thought through.

Below is the link to the BBC report on the EWR event. ITV should be showing their version Thursday.

If anyone in Barton has comments or wants to discuss EWR, Andy Martin is the Parish Council representative on the EWR Local Representative group. The next EWR LRG meeting is on 1 November 2022.