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We are looking for more volunteers to share the load of Speedwatch. At the moment there are only three regular participants even though several more are trained. We try to do a Speedwatch at least once a month for one hour on Barton roads were speeding is an issue: Haslingfield Road; Wimpole Road and Comberton Road. In addition, we move our MVAS unit around the village to monitor traffic speeds and volumes.

If you are willing to be involved in Speedwatch please contact Andy Martin.

Our last Speedwatch was on Haslingfield Road yesterday and we recorded seven speeding (35 mph and over) in the hour. One car captured does not have a valid MOT. Letters are sent to offenders and this does have an impact.

Also if you do spot a regular speeder, take a not of the number plate, make and model of the vehicle and pass it on to anyone in the Speedwatch group. The area speedwatch coordinator will take action.