EWR Action Group Webinar

Parish News

The EWR action group based in Haslingfield, Cambridge Approaches are hosting a webinar on the 23rd of March at 7pm for residents of Comberton, Barton and Toft. This is a slight adaption of the presentation that they and CamBedsRoadRail made for Chris Heston-Harris, East West Rail and Anthony Browne.

The link to register for the webinar is below.


To give you a bit of background:

The Eversdens are now heavily involved with Cambridge Approaches. In addition, a company has been set up called Cambridge Approaches Ltd. Money is being raised through this limited company to fund possible legal challanges to any routes proposed by EWR that may impact local communities.

If you have been following the story, Cambridge Approaches presented to Barton residents last year and proposed their own routes through the EWR Option E corridor into the south of Cambridge. Alternatives 1, 1a and 6 were through Barton Parish, and so avoiding Haslingfield and the Eversdens. The same group is now pushing for a northern route into Cambridge.

Your Parish Council is continuing to engage with all parties including EWR. EWR will make public their route alignments in the next few weeks.

Please feel free to contact your Parish Council if you have any comments or concerns.