elves 3

Elf sightings around Barton

Advent has begun and the village is overrun with elves bringing joy to everyone! Please keep your eyes peeled for these cheeky little creatures – reports are coming in that Christmas elf mischief has been spotted on the following streets:

New Road – 4 elf sightings
Comberton Road – 4 elf sightings
Great Close – 1 elf sighting
Ivy Field – 1 elf sighting
The Six Houses, Comberton Road – 1 elf sighting (visible from the road)
Allens Close – 1 elf sighting
Mailes Close – 1 elf sighting
Holben Close – 1 elf sighting
Kings Grove – 2 elf sightings
Foxcotte Timber and builders’ merchant and diy centre –
The Hoops

The Christmas spirit is contagious so we will update you if elves are discovered in more village locations.  Happy spotting!