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CamBedRailRoad and East West Rail

Parish Council News

CamBedRailRoad (CBRR) is a community based, voluntary, think tank led by two distinguished transport infrastructure Civil Engineers, with extensive experience in the UK and the Far East, and our Chairman, County Councillor Sebastian Kindersley. Barton Parish Council invited Sebastian to present their vision for EWR to the Councillors and Traffic, Travel and Transport working group. (Attached is a pdf of the presentation.)

CBRR also have set up a petition:

The petition reads:

We, the undersigned, request that the Department for Transport ensures that the proposal for a Northern route for the Central Section of the East West Rail, such as that proposed by CamBedRailRoad with widespread support amongst residents of South Cambridgeshire, is fairly evaluated at the same time and to the same degree as alternative routes proposed by East West Rail Company.

The link to the petition is:

CBRR’s website (

Barton Parish Council continue to engage with all parties including our local MP Anthony Browne, County and District Councillors and, most importantly, EWR directly.

EWR still plan to present route options early 2021, so any other option you may read about or see is speculative and not from an official source. Have a look at EWR community hub and the environmental maps and overlays.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Clerk.