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Barton Greenways Update

Barton Parish Council was shown the detailed plans for Barton Greenways (village centre). Once the plans have been approved by Highways, we will hold a public drop in to show residents what is happening. (This will not be a consultation as this was held last year. This will be the final plans that will be implemented in Barton early next year.)

Bullet Points from the meeting:

Barton Greenways Update (October 2023)

  1. The current plans are split into early works and those that require more detailed design and land purchase.
  2. Early works include the section from the New Road/A603 junction through Barton centre to join the existing shared pavement on Comberton Road (near farm cottages opposite 9 Comberton Road). They do not include the New Road/A603 junction itself (traffic lights). This junction is part of the later scheme.
  3. Early works will start after Comberton Greenways scheme is finished (centre of Comberton). This is likely to be end of 2023 start of 2024.
  4. New Road will be 30 mph up to current 20 limit. Shared pavement will be widened to 3 m reducing the width of the carriageway.  There will be a pedestrian and cyclist crossing next to the entrance to Burwash Manor.
  5. Kingsgrove junction will have raised table. There will be radius changes at the junction. There will be signage and street furniture to make it safer for cyclists to rejoin the carriageway. There will be a pavement put in on the Burwash Manor side to the bus stop.
  6. From Kings Grove to High Street there will be sinusoidal humps put in to keep traffic speed down. (Similar humps are on Storey’s Way, where it is possible to drive over these comfortably at 20 mph.)
  7. At School Lane, High Street and New Road/Comberton Road junction, the slip road will be removed (triangle) and the triangle changed so that School Lane will join New Road directly and High Street will join Comberton Road. The 70th jubilee column will be moved, tree canopy adjusted, pavement widened, grass space extended and planting added to enhance the triangle. (Note that there should be more than enough additional parking on High Street where the former road is blocked off to compensate for the loss of parking on the slip road.)
  8. Outside the farm cottages and opposite 9 Comberton Road, the plan is to install a build-out, similar to those on entering Grantchester and on Long Road Comberton. Priority given in one direction to traffic leaving the village. Signage will indicate cyclists crossing to rejoin the shared pavement. This will be a protection for cyclists joining the carriage way coming in to Barton with a separate route through the build-out for cyclists crossing the road to join the shared pavement.
  9. We asked about discouraging cyclists from continuing along the pavement by the pond, and also about pedestrians crossing from the Post Office to School Lane. We also asked that they link in works with CCC Highways plans to resurface the road, and also for them to speak to Cambridge Water about the state of the water mains running along New Road. (It has been repaired three times in the last few years and is likely to fail again due to the age of the concrete pipe.)
  10. The Greenways team will hold another meeting with us when plans are finalised for M11 bridge, A603/New Road junction and bridleway across to Grantchester. These works are not likely to start until September 2024 at the earliest.
  11. Other than the sinusoidal humps, there will be no additional marking on New Road from Kings Grove to the pond as cyclists will cycle along the carriageway, round the bend by the pond, and up Comberton Road, to join the shared pavement opposite 9 Comberton Road at the farm cottages.


Following on from this meeting, John Howland Jackson and Andy Martin had a separate meeting with the Greenways team on 5th October to ask the team to move the build-out slightly and to add “Keep Clear” on the road at the shared entrance to 9, 9A, Low Barn and 11 Comberton Road. This is to ensure easy access to all the driveways of these houses and to ensure that traffic on Comberton Road does not block these driveways.

When detailed approved plans are signed off by Highways safety team, we should have access to the plans and be able to show residents what is happening. We want to have a public meeting at the Village Hall before work starts and hope to do this before Christmas.

We have emails for two residents asking for additional measures to reduce speed through Barton to 20 mph. We responded to both.

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