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Barton Christmas Programme

Parish News

Barton Parish Council presents the 2020 Christmas programme:

10th December – a Christmas tree will be erected on the village green.  Parishioners are cordially invited to make and hang a decoration on the tree before 18th December.

11th December – 10am – the children of Barton Primary School will be a-carolling in 3 village locations. This is weather dependent. The backup date is the 14th.

12th December – 3.30pm-6.30pm – let’s make Barton shine with Christmas magic. The tree will be lit to the sound of some old favourite songs – please come and admire Barton’s Christmas tree creativity, respecting social distancing of course!

19th- 21st December – a treat for the children.  A small surprise for children will be hidden throughout the village (first come, first served! Please only take one per child).  Happy hunting! Also, the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ will be on display around Barton in gardens, hanging from trees or gates.  They can be viewed from pavements. Can you find all 12?

Many thanks to all who have donated to this festive fun!