Anthony Browne and East West Rail

Council News

Sorry that there are so many posts on the topic of East West Rail but this is important for Barton and South Cambridgeshire. Anthony Browne MP hosted a meeting of over 35 people Thursday evening (15 October 2020). East West Rail had members of their team present to answer questions and to address concerns. There were lots of good questions from an engaged and constructive audience.

Main points:

  1. EWR are developing routes and will consult in January.
  2. Cambridge North is not an option. That was decided some time ago based on cost, time and future development potential.
  3. Cambourne North is an option. EWR will look at that. Big push from Cambourne, Anthony Browne and others. Cambourne is likely to develop on the other side of A428 so a station would end up in the middle of the town if on the North Side. EWR route would still be through Option E to Cambridge South.
  4. Roads would be crossed and railways would be crossed. No roads cut off. Public right of ways maintained.
  5. Made clear to EWR and Ashton Cull (representing the Mayor) that an integrated transport system is essential.
  6. High speed passenger line so freight unlikely.
  7. Start with 4 trains per hour. Frequent enough for people to jump on a train at Cambourne to travel into Cambridge.
  8. Traction type not fixed. May start with diesel but looking at electric, battery, hydrogen. Anthony stated that it could not be diesel. Government would not allow it.
  9. Cycle track alongside to be included if possible.
  10. Myths busted: 24/7 NO; noisy, polluting NO; wedge through communities NO

If you have any questions please contact our Clerk.