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20 mph zone Speeds

As you know, there is a 20 mph zone through Barton. We have been monitoring speeds with our MVAS sign which is positioned at the bend beyond Kings Grove just before the school. We have data there from 2022 when the speed limit was 30 mph so we can see if 20 mph is making any difference. The results are mixed in that the average speed has dropped by 2 to 3 mph but the v85 speed remains the same.


July 2023 (new 20 mph)

Arriving: average 25 mph, v85 32 mph

Departing: average 27 mph, v85 34 mph


February 2022 (30 mph)

Arriving: average 28 mph, v85 32 mph

Departing: average 29 mph, v85 34 mph