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Village Pond Update


We have some good news.

Whilst test results back from ChemTest (Newmarket) showed contaminants in the silt samples taken from our pond, a waste expert has determined that the levels of contaminants are low enough for the all our samples to be classed as NON-HAZARDOUS. This is good news given that the Environmental Agency told us that the silt would be hazardous!

We are now in a position to engage contractors to remove the silt from the pond under a D1 exemption. Given that rain is forecast with possible thunderstorms on Sunday/Monday and earl next week, work will start Thursday this week.

We hope that there is rain next week and hope that there is enough to partially fill the pond. We would like to return the fish as soon as possible from their temporary home!

The Parish Council wishes to thank all those involved and also to thank all for their patience while we ticked all the boxes to make sure we are not harming anyone by going against EA advice.