EWR Update

Council News

Cambridge Approaches held an oversight meeting last night where Parish Voting was the main topic on the agenda. Cambridge Approaches is an action group based mainly in Haslingfield. They have developed various possible routes for the EWR line along Option E from Cambourne to South of Cambridge. Whilst these routes are NOT the ones that EWR have published (not expected until January 2021), they are generating a lot of debate within the parishes concerned in our area. Cambridge Approaches asked Parish Councils to consider these routes and to rank each one.

At the Cambridge Approaches meeting, alternative route 6 was ranked by several Parishes as their preferred one with routes 1 and 1a next. These three routes go though Barton Parish. The next step in the Cambridge Approaches plan is to lobby EWR and our MP with these routes.

If you have a view on EWR and the potential impact of the Cambridge Approaches routes on Barton please contact the Parish council via the Clerk. We also suggest that you write to Anthony Brown MP expressing your concerns.