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Teenagers Gathering on Jesus Green


“Sorry to share more depressing news but it’s important to be aware if this. Keep your teens (and your selves) away from Jesus Green on Friday and Saturday evenings… I hope the police act. The following is being shared with various secondary schools: Just in case anyone wasn’t aware on this group, the below details were from a friends school “We have received notification from the Cambridgeshire Police informing us of the tragic news of a fatal stabbing of a 17-year-old at Logan’s Meadow in Cambridge on Saturday afternoon. Additionally, they have specifically asked that we bring to your attention the nature of the ‘social gatherings’ which have been taking place on Jesus Green on Friday and Saturday evenings throughout this term, and which may be ongoing. Police log of concern shared with us Secondary school pupils across the county are meeting on Jesus Green, Cambridge every Friday and Saturday night from 1930 hrs onwards. This is being organised through Snapchat and is being advertised as an event called ‘MOTIVES’ or ‘J GREEN’; the event organisers are not known, and they only circulate the invite to school pupils of different secondary schools through word of mouth and trust – so you have to know someone to get to hear about what is being organised. Pupils have been present from as far afield as Peterborough, St Neots and South Cambs and often includes pupils who attend local private secondary schools as well. Essentially ‘Motives’ is just large groups of secondary school students sitting in groups together, who usually get the bus, cycle or get dropped off at Jesus Green. Pupils either make their own way home or get collected from McDonalds, Rose Crescent at about 2300 hrs. These meetups only started since the beginning of Term (Sept 2022) and are attended by varying volumes of students each week (depending on the weather). Unfortunately, they have rapidly become a haven for drug-taking, underage drinking, sexual assaults, pre-arranged fights, robberies and thefts. Gangs of older local men have started frequenting the area and are encouraging young girls to take drugs in exchange for sexual favours; cocaine, ecstasy and roofies are regularly being offered. There has also been several nasty assaults and knifepoint robberies on Students during these ‘Motives’ events over recent weeks; these were not reported to Police on account of Students worrying that the event will be cancelled or that they will get into trouble themselves.”