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Speedwatch in Barton

Parish News

Speedwatch volunteers have carried out several road-side surveys over the last few months. The focus has been on Haslingfield and Wimpole Roads where we know speeding is an issue. Additional volunteers are welcome and Speedwatch training has started again via remote learning. If anyone wants to join the group, please contact either Sarah Pitchford or Andy Martin via the Parish Council links. In addition to the “hi-vis” watch, our MVAS equipment has been running on Wimpole Road. The latest data from 24th June to 9th July registered 28,860 vehicles leaving Barton with 35% travelling at more than 35 mph (speeding ticket threshold), a top speed of 71 mph and a v85 (remove the top 15% of speeds) being 39 mph. As the minimum speeding fine is now £100, a speed camera capturing the fast drivers during this two-week period on Wimpole Road would have raised £1 million in fines.