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South West Cambridge BRLOG Development Webinar

Parish News

Barton Road Land Owners Group presented a public webinar Thursday evening (25th February 2021). This is the first public consultation by the group with a presentation and question and answer session. Their plans are for up to 2,800 properties on the green belt land north of Barton Road between Cambridge and the M11. The webniar was recorded and is now available on thier website.

More than 150 people attended the presentation bby Stephen Haines, Colin Brown, Nick Dines and Jenny Raine. The land is owned by several Cambridge Colleges and is currently farm land. The presentation discussed the ambitions of the group to develop a carbon neutral scheme with roughly 50% biodiverse open space. Probably of interest is the context in which the scheme is presented. Cambridge is planning for job and housing growth with current projects such as North Stowe, Waterbeach and Bourn Airfield accounting for about 37,000 new homes with a low growth need of 40,000 and a high growth of 63,000. Given this, there will be more building in and around Cambridge.

Have a look at the webinar and feel free to provide feedback to the developers or to Barton Parish Council.