Shocking Speeds on Haslingfield Road

Our Mobile Vehicle Activated Speed (MVAS) picked up a speed of 90 mph on Thursday 4th June 2020. This was leaving the village and heading towards Haslingfield at 15:17 in the afternoon. Residents on Haslingfield Road also noted cars racing at this time and said that it was two light-blue vehicles. This is shocking.

MVAS has been on Haslingfield Road since 3rd May and has recorded more than 50,000 vehicle movements in the five weeks. 12,500 travelled at over 35 mph, which is the threshold for speeding tickets in a 30 mph limit. 264 were going over 50 mph. V85 (which is the number that Highways is interested in), varied between 35 mph and 40 mph depending on the direction of the microwave Doppler.

As an aside, the data also shows traffic volume doubling to about 400 vehicles per hour in the morning peak period, a sign of lock-down easing.

Full data and summary is available on our Traffic working group page.