2022 06 30 09 42 08

Quishing Scam

No, we’re not making it up, quishing is the latest trend used by scammers to get to your hard-earned cash.

The scam uses fake QR codes on parking machines, charging points, even restaurant menus. Once scanned, you’re taken to a bogus website where you innocently input your details thinking you’re paying for a service, when in fact, you’re sharing all your personal details with the scammers.

Our fraud and cyber security advisor, Nigel Sutton, has this advice…

–  Check… if the QR is on a poster in a public area, always check whether it appears to have been stuck over the poster, window, billboard. If the sign or notice is laminated and the QR code is under the lamination or part of the original print, chances are it’s more likely to be genuine

–  If in doubt… download the app from the official Google or Apple store or search the website on your phone, rather than scanning a QR code to take you there. It may take longer, but it’s more secure

–  Trust your instincts… if something doesn’t seem right, don’t share your details