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PR1001 Barton Greenway Proposed Cycle Priority Measures

Dear all,

Cambridgeshire County Council is publishing this proposal on 28th February 2024. For further details please visit our permanent traffic regulation orders page and select PR1001.  For detailed drawings and more background information please visit GCP Barton Greenway page.

In summary the proposals are as follows:-

  • Alterations to speed limits on A603 Barton Road and in Barton village.
  • A pedestrian and cycle crossing on New Road, Barton.
  • New and changes to cycle tracks on Barton Road, Cambridge.
  • Road humps in Comberton Road and New Road, Barton.
  • Speed tables at Clare Road, Gough Way, Grange Road and St. Mark’s Court junctions with Barton Road, Cambridge.
  • Speed tables at Kings Grove and School Lane junctions with New Road, Barton.


If you wish to make any comments they should be submitted in writing, as explained in the public notice, to be received no later than 21st March 2024.


Gary Baldwin

Policy and Regulation

Transport Strategy and Network Management