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Notice of Barton PC EWR Meeting

We plan to hold a public meeting on EWR if allowed. Our current plan is to hire the Pavilion at the recreation ground on Monday 17th May 2021 from 15:00 to 19:00 (3 pm to 7 pm). We will display the maps we have been sent from EWR of the routes from Cambourne to Harston and have some of the documentation on show.


As a Parish Council, we have been following the debate on EWR from Cambridge Approaches, CamBedRoadRail, Anthony Browne MP and through direct contact with EWR. In addition we have conducted our own research on some topics to fact check various issues.


This meeting will give us the opportunity to gauge opinion as the Parish Council should response to EWR consultation on behalf of residents. Residents are also encouraged to respond as individuals.


Please note that there is another EWR virtual meeting organized on 27th May for this area and EWR would like questions submitted by 20th May for that meeting.


We will confirm the date, time and venue as soon as we can.