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Local Planning

Parish News

There are a number of planning applications that will impact Barton or are within Barton that residents may want to comment on. Please have a look at the website planning page.

You may be aware that an application for a Solar Farm is up for discussion. This is not in Barton parish but close by. The plan is for land owned by the University at the MRAO. Our District Council are asking for opinions and feedback on these plans:

Local Planning Authority: South Cambridgeshire District Council
Proposal: Screening Opinion for the development of a solar farm
Site address: Land East Of Mullard Radio Astromony Observatory Wimpole Road
Reference: 21/03798/SCRE
Public Access Link:

Greater Cambridge Local Plan is being published online. There will be a public webinar next Tuesday evening at 6 pm. This is for information only at this stage.

Webinar link

Passcode: 423515