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Keep Eyes Open for Crime

There have been a spate of crimes committed in Barton recently. A resident on Kings Grove had a break-in. There have been a number of catalytic converter thefts in the village and a Comberton resident was subjected to a “second hand” car scam that took place in Barton.

The second hand car scam is when a potential buyer visits and an accomplice tampers with the engine to make it look as if there is a major fault such as a head gasket failure. The aim is to drive down the price and pick up a perfectly good car for a bargain. Once sold, the car is taken away and the “fault” easily fixed. The car can then be resold for a large profit. See 1st February “The One Show” where this scam was explained with the help of Doug. Doug’s scam occurred several weeks ago at a property in Barton.

Police are again focusing on Catalytic Converter thefts:

  • Look out for vehicles jacked up (especially in the middle of the vehicle)
  • Listen out for the sound of metal being cut. There may be a vehicle nearby with the engine running and two or three people involved
  • But please don’t approach this people, they have been known to be violent in the past and may even be carrying weapons
  • Instead, call us on 999 and share the vehicle number plate and any other details that could help us

You can read more about catalytic converter theft on our website.

Please be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to the police on eCops or via Cambridgeshire Police website.

We had a report of suspicious behaviour on the High Street. A resident saw a suspicious car being parked outside their house. It was a black BMW 3 series, and the driver kept looking at the house and back repeatedly. The driver was taking notes. The car was parked for about 20 minutes. Has anyone else seen this black  BMW?