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Halloween Night

Dear subscriber,

With Halloween just a few days away we’re urging trick-or-treaters to respect their neighbours.

October 31 is traditionally a night of fun and frolics with children dressed up as ghosts, witches and assorted monsters knocking on doors saying ‘Trick or Treat’.

While many householders are happy to hand over sweets or other presents to ward off the evil spirits it’s important to remember that not everybody wants strangers knocking on their doors.

For vulnerable or older members of the community Halloween can be a frightening and intimidating experience.

We have created a poster people can download and display in their homes asking trick-or-treaters not to call as well as some tips for trick-or-treaters to ensure everyone has a pleasant evening.

Other tips for an enjoyable Halloween include:

  • Ensure children are accompanied by a responsible adult
  • Explain how vulnerable people can be frightened by an unexpected group calling at their door on a dark evening
  • Only knock at houses where you know you will be welcome
  • Respect any ‘no trick-or-treating’ notices displayed

If you do have any concerns, please call 999 in an emergency or 101/online if you want to report a concern.

You can download a copy of the poster to display here.

Or use the attachment.

Chief Inspector Paul Rogerson
Neighbourhood Policing Team