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Greater Cambridge Partnership Transport Plans

Parish News

There was a zoom presentation on 16 November 2021 by the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) to explain the plans for transport from the west into Cambridge. Please visit the GCP website and have a look at the documents for details.

As you may be aware, the new Mayor is pushing for a dramatic increase in the use of buses as a way of reducing traffic and encouraging the use of more public transport. Attached below is a pdf showing proposed bus routes. These will impact Barton as the proposal increases the number of buses passing through the village both on Comberton Road and the A603. There also seems to be a route from Haslingfield. In addition, the plans include closing St Neots Road at Hardick to traffic making it buses and bicycles only. It is likely that other road users will use Hardwick High Street, through to the B1046 to travel into Cambridge, potentially increasing traffic through Barton.