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Feedback Required on 75 Bus

Barton Parish Council would like to receive feedback on the 75 bus service. Below is an email from Lisa Redrup (our District Councillor) who is following up on any changes to bus services in our area. If you use the 75 bus and or have ideas and suggestions about the service, then please contact Barton Parish Council.


The CPCA are currently reviewing the bus services they fund, and the 75 bus service has been identified as expensive for the level of use. They are looking at ways that the service could be changed to encourage more use.

I met with Neal Byers, Andy Hunt, and Oliver Howarth last week about this review to find out more about what they are considering. They’re looking for ways to make the service more cost effective, with the intent that any changes that they recommend would come into place April 2024. The long time frame is to allow time for changes in tenders. This means that recommendations will be put forward fairly soon. The only change they mentioned that they are considering is combining the 75 and 31 services. The 31 service comes from Newton to Hauxton, Little Shelford, Great Shelford, Stapleford, Addenbrookes and into Cambridge on Hills Road, so it’s very different from the 75 location wise. They mentioned Haslingfield as one of the higher areas of use of the 75, so it would seem they would aim to include that but they did not give details of the route they’re planning. I’ve followed up with some more questions on the likely route by email.


I shared suggestions from people I’ve been in contact with in Haslingfield and Harlton on the kinds of changes that would help them to use the bus service. They replied that they are aware of many of the things that are needed (clearer signage and communications, frequency of services, evening services, reliability) and that they have ambitious aims for the local bus services in the long-term, but there is limited scope currently. They are looking for things like connections, start and end points, specific timings of services that could improve usage, rather than increasing services at the moment. They are currently putting together a case for franchising, which would give them much more control over the bus services that are provided, although it’s not yet clear if this will go ahead. They are also putting together a plan for improved communication, which would be via a Bus Service Improvement Plan.


I asked about involvement of Parishes in the review and they would welcome written input with ideas and suggestions. They would particularly appreciate any data that may be relevant.”