EWR Update

Council News

Barton Parish Council (BPC) is in discussion with East West Rail (EWR), Greater Cambridge Planning Group, and other parties with a vested interest in EWR route alignment options. The official position of BPC is still to be finalised as we are awaiting further input of route options from EWR. EWR are working on these options and plan to present these to the public in January 2021. BPC will be active in considering these options and the effect on our community.

Cambridge Approaches (CA) is an action group based in Haslingfield. CA have had discussions with several parishes and prepared a series of webinars to express CA views, and those of some parishes that may be impacted by EWR. If you wish to attend one of their webinars, click on the date links below to register.

BPC welcome your feedback and assure you that we will act on your behalf.

The Cambridge Approaches working group published a map of alternative route alignments in EWR’s option E search area.

The schedule for Cambridge Approaches webinars is as follows:

They expect the webinars to last about an hour and there will be opportunities to ask questions.