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Getting in touch

Between the 1st-6th February, we received 5,905 calls to 101 – on top of the 2,494 calls we also received to 999 during the same period.


Needless to say, call handlers and dispatchers in our Demand Hub are often extremely busy dealing with serious incidents across the county.


Therefore, we want to remind the public about the quick and easy, self-service ways to get in touch with us in non-emergencies, that don’t involve waiting in line for a phone operator.


The first one is online reports. You can visit the force’s website and report non-urgent crime to us in just a few minutes, and then go about your day. We have dedicated forms for missing people, lost / stolen property, antisocial behaviour, road traffic incidents, domestic abuse, fraud, and more.


Simply tell us some details about yourself and the issue at hand (using a phone, tablet or desktop) and the form will be reviewed within a matter of hours. Our Demand Hub team will then decide whether your case has sufficient evidence / witnesses, and get in touch with you regarding the next steps.


We ask that you don’t call to ask for an update on forms that you have already submitted.


Another way to contact us is using live web chat. Over the past three months, our Demand Hub has responded to more than 9,500 web chats, with an average response time around 45 seconds meaning it’s the most efficient way to speak with us in a non-emergency.


Simply visit our website and click the green chat icon in the bottom right of the screen to launch a chat. Our specialist web chat operators are available around the clock to offer advice, answer questions and raise crime or intelligence reports, often without the wait.


If it is an emergency, always dial 999. If you do not have access to online services, 101 is always available. Learn more about ways to get in touch in our ‘Contacting the Constabulary’ guide on the force website.


Kind regards,

Lauren Watchorn
(Police, Digital Marketing Officer, Corporate Communications)