Anthony Browne

CSET Busway Survey

Have your say on GCP proposals for their CSET busway

In the next few weeks, we may see our County Council vote to progress a new busway (a purpose-built road for buses only) built entirely through the countryside to connect the Biomedical Campus with a new park and ride near Babraham.

Many residents and their parish councils, as well as prominent environmental and transport groups, have expressed grave concerns about the CSET proposals. These include the unnecessary destruction of our countryside and the cost of the project, which may not represent good value for taxpayers’ money.

I have many concerns about the proposals, and I am very aware that many residents of South Cambridgeshire rely on transport links into Cambridge. It is therefore vital that I fully understand your views on this.

If you have two minutes, please do fill out my short survey below so I can better represent your views to the GCP, the County Council, and the Department of Transport. Click here fill in my survey

Cambridge Past, Present, and Future have compiled a useful summary of the main concerns here.

My column from 2021 makes the case for a rethink on off-road busways.

Anthony Browne MP