Catalytic Converter Thefts & Suspicious “Police”

Neighbourhood Watch

Three men dressed in black driving a silver Ford Focus stole two catalytic converters off cars, one from the back of Main Street, Hardwick and the other from Grace Crescent Hardwick.  Please be aware and call Police if anything is seen!

A Barton Parish Councillor had seen two men dressed in police uniform outside of the our post office around 7:25pm on Friday evening (23rd September). She asked if there was a problem and they asked who she was replied she was a Councillor. They asked if she lived there. She responded with no, but knew who does. The men then said everything was fine.

They then drove off in a blue Corsa with a faulty brake light, witnessed as the Councillor was following in her car. It was reported to Chamara who contacted the police and they informed him it wasn’t the police, but gave him a crime reference number in case anything subsequently happened. They said they would keep an eye out!


Please report anything suspicious to the Police on 101 or 999 if an emergency.