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Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Parish Council News

South Cambridgeshire District Council declared a climate emergency in November 2019.  Barton Parish Council is keen to take action against climate change and to actively become part of the solution.  We are therefore in the process to creating a climate action plan and would welcome suggestions and feedback from interested residents.  Please contact the clerk, Ian Minto, at if you would like to form part of the climate action team.

Our first step taken in creating our action plan was for Councillor Chloe Langford to be selected (on behalf of Barton Parish Council) for one of only 15 places on the Net Zero Now course which is being run by Cambridge Carbon Footprint (  The ethos behind the course is to create a network of community action against the climate change emergency.  Over the course of eight two-hour sessions, Chloe will be firstly educated on climate change and all its facets then assisted in creating an action plan for Barton.

Chloe will keep the website updated with brief summaries of each session as well as useful links to articles and websites to share this knowledge and experience with the wider community.  Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome – please email .

Chloe’s aims in attending this course are to create a Barton climate action plan which will debunk the “geeky” associations of being green and include affordable changes we all can make to begin to reduce the carbon footprint of our lovely village.