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Big Thank You

Huge thanks to all who organised, worked at and attended the Barton Coronation Street party. It was wonderful to see the community joining together in the lovely Spring sunshine for a good old-fashioned British knees-up.


We would like to invite you to share any photos you took of the day for us to display on the website as a Coronation carousel.


Please also do pop by the Post Office to collect your hand made Coronation bee bombs – let’s make Barton bee-looming lovely! 😆


Finally, we raised £200 on the day for the Barton Playground Equipment Appeal (many thanks to our very cute bucket bearers!) – thank you so much for your generosity. It will be added to the other very kind donations to this appeal – watch out for the appeal thermometer which will soon appear to keep track of our fundraising efforts.  Please contact Councillor Chloe Langford on if you would like to suggest or host a fund raising event or donate to this appeal – we are off to a great start.


Three cheers for Barton


After hours of planning

(And several cases of wine),

The big day finally dawned

And – phew – the weather was fine!


Chairs and tables were scrubbed clean.

Bunting and balloons strung high.

Fresh coffee ready steaming,

The Hoops’ beer kegs standing by.


The committee held their breath:

Would any really come?

Picnic baskets began to show –

The street party had begun!


The party wall shone brightly,

Painted faces grinned with glee.

JezO’s magic held us rapt

Before the afternoon tea.


Prosecco corks popped proudly

As neighbours gathered at 4.

“To the good health of King Charles!”

Was the joyous Barton roar.


Celebrations moved Hoops-wards,

Bands and boogies without rest.

Then the village snoozed smugly

Knowing Barton is the best!