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Barton Parish Report and Action Plan

In 2004, a group of village volunteers chaired by Patrick de Backer came together to produce a Barton Parish Report and Action Plan for the village. Originally prepared in response to a government initiative at the time, the report now stands as a time capsule, capturing our village community and environment in 2004.

Based on responses to a village-wide questionnaire, it provides an historical record of the households, education, people, development, transport, local services, religion, sport, crime, and clubs and societies in the village. It offers an insight into resident opinion in 2004 and highlights the community views on how Barton might develop and what should be preserved over the next 10 years.

Twenty years have passed since the report was prepared and reading over it now, it is amazing to see how much progress has been made. It is pleasing to see that much of what was valued by the community, has in fact been preserved and maintained.

We think it would be a nice idea to produce a new Barton Parish Report for 2024 and recapture the opinions of the village 20 years on. It is a big task, and we would welcome the help of a group of volunteers to work with us. We are looking to set up a new steering group to lead the project over the coming months. If you would like to be involved and have some time to offer, please contact the PC Clerk at:

The 2004 Barton Parish report and action plan is available to view on Barton village website, visit: